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A primer on pageant controversies

Are stories of sabotage credible? And how could a pageant crown the wrong girl? An interview with a world-famous expert.

Our balmy future
Miss Florida USA 2008, Jessica Rafalowski
As the age of heat arrives, Florida leads the way


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Gibbs Photography

Dayana Mendoza
A girl from traditional pageant country wins the Miss Universe title in a most untraditional venue.

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Crystle StewartA Texas jewel
Crystle Stewart is crowned Miss USA.

Give us Miss Liberty ...
As we look at the 2008 Miss USA field, we start with the beautiful representative of the District of Columbia.
 Chelsey Rodgers, Miss District of Columbia USA 2008

Erica Gelhaus of Ohio being crowned National SweetheartSharp in the country
National Sweetheart was a telling preview to Miss America.

Wholesale pageant tiaras, crowns and rhinestone jewelry
may be sold

Gerdeen Dyer, founding editor of PNB, has confirmed that he is open to selling, the industry's premium URL. "The older I get, the more I feel I need to concentrate on other projects," said Dyer, a journalist who has written extensively outside the pageant field. He founded the Pageant News Bureau in 1995 along with other journalists, and is its principal owner.

Dyer, one of the most quoted experts on beauty contests, said the industry remains fascinating, but with the evolution of entertainment media, might be better as a corporate clearinghouse than  a news site.

Asked how much  he would expect to get for the URL, Dyer replied, "A lot, of course. The best buyer would a big media enterprise. Fortunately, I don't have to rush into anything, but my advisers say it's a good time to sell major Web property."

Viva Venezuela (in Vietnam)!
Party girl!
A Texas jewel

Give us Miss Liberty ...
Sharp in the country
Time to capitalize

The top 5 pageant stories of 2007

Our balmy future
A primer on pageant controversies
The vowel state
A lady worth looking for

A pageant tragedy
Tip of the iceberg ...
We surrender to global warming
MAOT mania!

Earth girls are groovy ...
Washington wonder girl
How to avoid saying dumb things.
Back to the West

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